Integrated Web Finishing Systems has recently shipped several Inline Web Finishing Systems for the production of direct mail, digital advertising, and printing production.

These i-Web Inline Systems have included Ribbon Shifter Decks, Compensators, Plow Folders, Portable Gluers, Inline Scorers, Shear Slitters, Variable Rotary Cutters, Delivery Tables & more. All of our equipment features “State of the Art Servo Technology” with direct drive servo motors.

At the same time, i-Web has installed more than six Ink Jet Towers with integrated ink head carriage assemblies, dryers and servo driven chill roll systems. There are even more Ink Jet Towers in the current backlog.

This does not begin to tell the complete story as On-press Web Gluers, Perforators, Coaters as well as Prepress machines have also been engineered, produced and shipped during the same time frame.

Over the past few years, i-Web has been working outside our traditional markets targeting areas where we can utilize our expertise and experience in machine design. This has led to mass producing sixty large units for one customer in the Prepress market.

Our expanded manufacturing base with several CNC machining centers has given us extra manufacturing capacity.  We can now offer custom machining and assembly for all your projects.

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